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The SalariesTT Process


What am I going to get from SalariesTT?


Privacy & confidentiality concerns


Understanding reports and the data


If you cannot find your job category, title, or have any other queries, just email team@salariestt.com and a member of the team will contact you.


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The SalariesTT Process

What is SalariesTT and how does it work?

SalariesTT is a website used by thousands of professionals to research salaries in Trinidad and Tobago.  


Where do you get the data from?
  • From local recruitment firms such as Regency Recruitment, Caribbeanjobs.com JobsTT.com and Trinidadjobs.com
  • From job advertisements in local newspapers such as Trinidad Express, Newsday and Guardian
  • From crowdsourcing. When professionals sign up we confidentially ask them their salary.
  • From anywhere we see a job advertisement


How long will it take me to enter my data?

Approximately 2 to 3 minutes.


Do I have access to the data right away?

Yes. After you sign up, select the menu option 'Update Job Profile' and enter your salary information. Then begin searching to see how your salary compares to others.


If I input my email address are you going to spam me?

No. We send out on average one email per week. The emails are to notify you of new job positions or new SalariesTT features. But you can always click the unsubscribe option to never recieve emails from us again.


What am I going to get from SalariesTT?

What do I receive in exchange for my data?

You get to compare your salary to others at your company, in your field and other fields, all for free. We hope you find our service so useful and interesting that you feel compelled to share it with your peers as more data makes for better data.


Would I always have free access to the site

Yes for 1 year. After 1 year, or whenever you get a salary increase or change jobs, update your profile and you are all set for another year!


Privacy & confidentiality concerns

Would I have to enter my name when I sign up?

Nope. We let you use a username instead.


By becoming a SalariesTT user, I am giving you sensitive data: how comfortable should I feel?

Entirely. In line with the Data Protection Act No 13 of 2011, Individual entries will never be passed on to a third party. Job reports are structured so that it is impossible to identify individual users: Queries for a specific job position at a specific company are only displayed if there is a minimum of 2 such entries. So rest assured that if you are the only employee at your company with that job title, your information would never be shown when queried, as it violates our cluster rule. Your data is always anonymised.


Would the Database Administrator know it's me?

We are 99% certain that the Database Administrator would NOT know which record in the database belongs to you. This is because your name is not required when signing up. We let you use a username instead. For the Database Administrator to actually figure you out they must already know your email address, where you work and what you do there. We have over 4400 profiles. You can rest assured that no one is going to search that list for your record. It's too much effort and our brand is one built on anonymity and trust.


Why do you ask for my employer's name?

It is key for us to have your employer's name as it enables us to process entries more accurately, thereby keeping the database clean and providing you with worthwhile statistics. Remember, data is always anonymised and always shown as a cluster, so you can never be identified.


Are you going to sell my data?

We won't sell your individual entry. We may sell statistics based on your entry and many others as aggregated data sets. Your details are not passed on to third parties. Ever. Our users would never trust us again if we did and trust is what our platform is based on.


How does SalariesTT make money?

At present the service is offered to visitors for FREE. In the future we intend on earning revenue from relevant targeted advertising on our website as well as use of the Advance Search filters. Nothing sinister.


Understanding reports and the data

How do I use SalariesTT reports and filters?


How relevant is the data?

We define every job category very precisely and carefully with the help of industry insiders. Users find their job descriptions with ease, drilling down to a highly granular combination of activity, location and title which is entirely relevant to them. If this is not yet available, we will point users to their industry report. This in turn allows us to compute statistics with unparalleled relevance too. We are constantly refining our categories and we welcome any feedback and comments on how to further improve them.


How up-to-date is the data?

SalariesTT reports are live. This means that new information is made available as soon as a new contribution is made to the database. Our company is new, so the date availale only dates back to July 2016. In the next roll out of new features you would see a filter by year option, which would allow users to view only the most current statistics.


How do you know the data users give you is real?

Upon submission, new entries are reviewed for flawed submissions. Flawed submissions are immediately removed from the database.


What are tokens and how do I get more?

Tokens are what allows you to search for free. When you sign up you get 50 tokens. Each database search uses up one of your tokens. You can get more tokens by sharing our latest blog, website and much more. Or you can just chill and relax, we would reset your tokens to 50 on the first day of each month.


What's the verified icon I see with the search results?

Members are encouraged to Get Verified by submitting proof of where they work, what they do and how much they earn. Members that have been verified see the verified icon Verified for clustered search results that have also been verified. If you are using the Advanced Search tool you too would see the verified icon for clustered search results that have been verified, even if your profile has not been verified.

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